As a student or parent, you have the power to keep our school district safe. Administrators rely on you to be their eyes and ears - letting them know when a member of our schools or a district building is in danger. Be a life saver and help stop school crises before they happen!
LCSS SaferSchools Tipline solves the long standing need for easy and anonymous two-way feedback with students. We're excited about this solution, but it is each school and community that have the real opportunity to make a difference.

Students are the best source of information in any school. However, barriers exist which prevent students from sharing this information with adults even when it is about important matters such as school safety or incidents that might occur outside of the school. Barriers to communication include negative peer pressure, not being able to report anonymously, the chance of not being believed, and a lack of action on the part of adults when a problem is reported. LCSS SaferSchools Tipline solves these issues by providing a channel that allows open and anonymous communication. Empower our students to be the eyes and ears of school safety.

If you have school crises information that you feel you should share, please submit a report.