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Friday, 26 October 2012

i-SAFE's education component provides students with dynamic, interactive, up-to-date e-Safety curriculum in the classroom, online and in the community. These prevention-oriented lessons employ peer-to-peer communication and cooperative learning activities to help students retain this valuable information. The Outreach component facilitates the extension of students' newly acquired e-Safety knowledge beyond the classrooms and introduces the entire community about the need to be safe online. Youth empowerment is the link. Students are encouraged to become student i-MENTORs who communicate the e-Safety message via peer-to-peer contact and exciting community-wide activities, events and rallies.

Certification is not required to teach the lessons. Selected LCSS teachers will teach these K-12 iSAFE curriculum components this fall;

  • Appropriate Online Behavior ' Safety and responsibility in Cyberspace
  • Social Networking ' Safe and responsible interaction with other individuals on social networking web sites and in chat rooms
  • Cyber Bullying ' Increase students' awareness about cyber bullying and response

Founded in 1998, i-SAFE Inc. is the leader in Internet safety education. Available in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Department of Defense schools located across the world, i-SAFE is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to educate and empower youth to make their Internet experiences safe and responsible. The goal is to educate students on how to avoid dangerous, inappropriate, or unlawful online behavior. i-SAFE accomplishes this through dynamic K-12 curriculum and community outreach programs to parents, law enforcement, and community leaders. It is the only Internet safety foundation to combine these elements.

Since its inception, i-SAFE has revolutionized the way the world looks at Internet safety education. In this day and age everyone knows students can explore the marvels of the world and travel to the most intelligent realms of our galaxy on the Internet. But many do not know if students are not aware, they can become entrapped in the darkest most detestable realms of the human imagination. Concerned people now realize awareness and true safety online is not found in software filters - it is found in education and community support. Educated people realize true education and community support is found within i-SAFE.

Once again i-SAFE sets the standards for all others to follow in Internet safety education. The i-LEARN Online program and the i-Mentor Network will change the way you learn forever. i-SAFE knows you are busy and need a system of learning where you can stop, pause, and rewind at your convenience. i-LEARN Online and the i-Mentor Network are created as an "On Demand" system for you to learn safe and responsible use of the Internet at your own pace. i-SAFE provides the lessons you want, when you want them, all with the click of a mouse.

Simply put, the i-LEARN Online program and the i-Mentor Network bring the education to you. On your computer are a set of online videos on Internet safety. They consist of the subjects everyone needs to know to be safe and responsible on the Internet. After watching each video you will also be certified to teach that lesson to others. And once you view all these videos you will be trained to teach others how to teach the i-SAFE program. So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution and learn online safety the fast and convenient way - online!

Community Outreach
i-SAFE extends education beyond the classroom with community outreach. You will find a program designed with you in mind as they cover students, educators, parents, law enforcement, community leaders and more. You know the best way for a student to take a concept and make it their own is with the support of their community. With that in mind the i-SAFE Youth Empowerment team was created to help Student Mentors take the message of Internet safety to their peers, their family, and their community. The i-PARENT program was designed to help parents team up and bridge the "Digital Divide" that separates them and their kids. And the i-SHIELD program brings together all divisions of law enforcement for one cause - cyber safety.

i-SAFE is dedicated to educating and empowering the youth of America to safely and responsibly take control of their online experiences. We provide students with the critical thinking and decision-making skills they need to recognize and avoid dangerous and/or unlawful online behavior. We thank you for visiting our website and encourage you to get involved with us in our efforts to make your physical and cyber communities safer places.

Across the country i-SAFE and Law Enforcement are working together to foster cyber-safe communities. School Resource Officers, Community Outreach Specialists, ICAC teams, and Operation i-SHIELD Task Forces seize the opportunity to provide education, empowerment and guidance to students in and out of the classroom. As a law enforcement professional, your involvement with students, educators, parents, and citizens is vital to proactively fight Internet-related crime, promote safe and responsible online behavior and remind everybody that in the cyber world ' just like the physical world ' behavior has real consequences. With your help, your community will move toward education and responsibility, and away from victimization.

Partner Share Program

The Law Enforcement Partner Share Program is a unique way for law enforcement professionals to be rewarded for helping to ensure that area students are taught Internet safety lessons. While i-SAFE curriculum is free to educators and law enforcement, access to the free curriculum is through schools, districts or other agencies and organizations that purchase an i-SAFE curriculum package (Gold, Silver or E-Rate). The Law Enforcement Partner Share Program invites law enforcement professionals to partner with i-SAFE by signing up an area school or the local district to an i-SAFE curriculum subscription package, then i-SAFE shares 10% of the subscription price with these individuals. The following paragraphs and table describe each of i-SAFE's subscriptions and the partner share opportunities for bringing i-SAFE e-Safety curriculum to students near you!


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